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Historical Sources in Logan Regional Library


Nauvoo Journal; US , Illinois, Hancock, Nauvoo, B2nj Dedicated to Church History and Biography 1830 — 1857;
Volumes 1-9 with a Name Index for volumes 1-9 and an Itemized Topic Listing.
vol. 1. Articles relating to the history of Early Member of the church include:
—Early Mormon Sources;
—Utah Marriage Index, 1847-1905;
—Nauvoo School Records;
—Members of the Church . . . Baptized before Sept. 1830, includes biographical sketches, and sources;
—1843 Petitions to US Congress, gives names of petioners and the Nauvoo ward;
vol 2. —Commission Records, Illinois State Militia, 1835-1844;
— The Mormon Battalion;
— 1842 Hancock County Tax Records;
— Nauvoo School Rcords: 1843, names of school teachers and lists of students.
vol 3.—Early Branches of the Church, incluldes names of members for many of the branches.
vol 4. —Biographical Sketch of Seymour Brunson, sr.
— Partial List of Members Living in Nauvoo, from 1842 Census, with biographical notes;
vol 5.1 —1842 Census of Nauvoo, Indentification of Members, Civil Ward One, w bio. notes.
vol 5.2 —LDS baptisms, Erie Co. Penn. 1831-1844;
—Erie County Converts;
—Biographical Sketches of Erie Co. Converts.
vol 6.1 —Kanesville, Iowa Revealed in pages of Frontier Guardian, edited by Orson Hyde.
—Indiantown: the Mormon Settlement in Cass Co. Iowa.
vol 6.2 —The Settlement at Garden Grove, Iowa, with lists of resident families.
— Church Emigration of 1851, The Garden Grove Company
— Manti: [Iowa] The Life of a Shell-bark, Hickory Grove. Alpeus Cutler settement.
vol 7.1 —Helen Mar Whitney Reminiscences.,
—A Journey in the Wilderness: the life of Mary Haskin Parker Richards at Missouri River.
— By no Means Men of Weak Minds ...; tells of numerous early saints.
vol 7.2 —Thomas L. Kanes visit to Nauvoo, with a Kane bibliography;
—Women's Letters from Nauvoo;
—Helen Mar Whitney Reminiscences, continued.
—Latter-day Saints at Iowaville, Iowa: 1746-1851;
—Three case Studies of Clan and Chrisma in the early church; Hulet, Graybill & Litz;
—William Butler history and notes, Washington Monument stone
vol 8.1 —Helen Mar Whitney Reminiscences, continued;
—John Needham's Nauvoo Letter, 1843;
—The Martin harris Festival, 1875-1996;
vol 8.2 —Isaac Galland: Both sides of the River, with notes;
—The Mormon settlement at Nashville, Lee, Iowa; with list of members living there;
—Thomas and Elizabeth Higgs: 1856 Mormon Pioneers from Iowa;
—William Huntington: the Iowa Experience;
—Mormon Women on the 1846 Iowa Trail, with biographical notes;
—Orson Hyde and the Frontier Guardian,
First Mormon Tabernacle is Rebuilt in Kanesville, Iowa;
vol 9.1 —No Small Miracle: Movement of Domestic Animals across the plains, with notes;
—Crossroads in the west: Intersections of Donner Party and the Mormons, with notes:.
—Ziba Peterson;
—1845 Diary of Claudius Victor Spencer;
—Lucy Harris:
vol 9.2 —Political Intrgue at Tucson: Mexican Garrison and Mormon Baltalion, with notes.
—The Art of George Simons;
—Philo Dibble, and Panorama, and notes;
—Cutler's Camp, at Big Grove on Silver Creek; Mormon settlement in Iowa, with notes.
—Mountain Fever in 1847 Mormon Pioneer Companies; with camp lists.
The Nauvoo Journal Name Index for volumes 1-9; Each volume also has an index.

Mormon Historical Studies; US, B2mhs The successor of the Nauvoo Journal. A semi-annual Journal the Mormon Sites Foundation. Contains articles relevant to History of Latter-Day-Saints, high scholarly Standards. Issued two times a year Spring and Fall
Volume 1, No. 1 Spring 2000
—The Restoration of Mormonism to Erie County, Pennsylvania; Erie County, Pennsylvania Converts
—"A Gathering Place for the Scandinavian People", In Norway Illinois (1842-1849)
— Howard Egan, The Elkhorn Skirmish, and Mormon Trail Emigration in 1848"
— Ute Perkins' Stewardship to Look aftter Mormon Batallion Families —Appendix List of names of 89 Bishops appointed 17 July 1846 to take charge of families left by Mormon Battalion.
—Norfolk, Virginia, and "Mormon" Immigration through Old Dominion (1887-1890)
— Mormon Missionary Travel in the Middle East (1884-1929)
— Letter from David Whitmer concerning King Follet Property in Caldwell Co, Misssouri
—Mormon Manuscript Material in Utah State Univ. Library Special Collections and Archives
—Ramus/Macedonia (Illinois) Markers Dedicated
Volume 1, No. 2 Fall 2000
— Louis A Bertrand and the French Mission.
— The Mormon Mission in the Kingdom of Sardinia
— Allen Taylor and Early Mormon Emigration
—Names of Persons indebted to the Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company 1850-1877; the Maurine Ward Index.

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Resources in the Logan Regional Library

Resources in the Logan Regional Family History Library For researching Utah and Mountain West Families & Early Church Families

Reference Book on Utah Genealogy
Genealogical Records of Utah, 1974, Jaussi & Chaston; Call no. U.S./ Utah /D 27 J

Reference Books: on Reference Shelf

— Register of L.D.S. Church Records,1968 Jaussi & Chaston; Reference Table.
Register of Genealogical Society Call Numbers Vol 1, 1982, [large blue book]; On reference shelf. Contains Microfilm call numbers for Patron’s Family Group Records, submitted.1962-79.; Ch 5 pp. 5-106— 5-113
Register of Genealogical Society Call Numbers Vol 2, 1982 [large red book]; On reference shelf. Contains Microfilm call numbers for the following:
- Obituaries Cache Branch Library; ch 2, p 2-5
- Marriage License Card Index 1880's–1940s ch2, p 2-5
- Index to the 1850, 1860 & 1870 Censuses of Utah; p 2-6
- Federal Census of Utah, 1860; p 2-7
- Federal Census of Utah, 1870; p 2-7
- Soundex Index to Federal Census of Utah, 1880; p 2-10
- Federal Census of Utah, 1880; p 2-11
- Nauvoo baptisms for the dead and handwritten index; p 2-13
- Early Church Information File Card Index, p. 2-13
- State Census of Utah, 1856; p. 2-14
- Utah Immigration Card Index, 1847-1868; also called Crossing the plains Index; p. 2-14
- Bishops Report of 1852 and Index, p. 2-14
- Emigration Registers of the British Mission, 1849-1885; also called -Liverpool Office Register, pp 2-15; see also The Compass ,pp 158-162.
- Emigration Registers of Continental Europe, 1853-1886; p. 2-16
- Perpetual Emigration Fund Index, 1850–1877; 2-17
- Bibliography of Books on LDS Emigration; p. 2-18
- LDS Church Censuses, 1914-1935; p. 2-19 — 2-30
- LDS Membership Card Index [Minnie Margett’s file]; p. 2-31 & 5-5
- Patriarchal Blessings Card Index; p. 2-39; index, fiche 6334933
- Missionary Records 1830-69, 250236; 1860-68, 025544; 2-40.
- Deseret News, pub. Weekly, 1850-1899; p. 3-7
- Deseret News, pub. Semi-weekly, 1865-1906; p. 3-7
- Vital Records of Cache Co.; p. 4-4
- Vital Records of Salt Lake Co.; p. 4-4
- Alphabetical Listing of Branches Wards, Districts, & Missions; p. 5-57
- Seventies Quorum Records; p. 5-204
- Misc. Priesthood Quorum Records; 5-205

Genealogy Fundamentals, 1994, Jaussi; [large Green book] on Ref. shelf
Pioneer Research; In a White Binder on Reference Shelf; Has microfilm call numbers for:
Early Church information file index
—Card Catalog of Obituary records from Deseret News and S.L Tribune. Has an excellent guide for doing Pioneer Research
LDS Emigration, Immigration, Migration, & Colonization. in grey binder
on the Reference Shelf.

Research Outlines & Resource Guides [In Binders on Reference table]
—Tracing LDS Families; [publication 34080];
—Utah; publication 31081;
—Early Church Information File [publication 34544]; Alphabetical Index of individuals. 1830 to about 1914. On 75 rolls of microfilm; FHL films 1,750,655 — 729. Indexes over 1,000 sources of information. The index to these films is on FHL catalog.
—Membership of the LDS Church 1830—1848, [ Pub. 34632] 75 microfiche list, created by Susan Easton Black, on Carousel # 4; Indexes over 300 sources of information.
—Tracing Immigrant Origins [34111]
—Indexes to U.S. Censuses 1607–1906; Accelerated indexing Systems(AIS); [30970]; On microfiche
—PERiodical Source Index on microfiche (PERSI); [34119]; Indexes include: Utah Genealogical & History Magazine, Utah Historical Quarterly, Idaho Genealogical Society Quarterly, and many others.

Compiled Biographies and Diaries:
Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, Portraits, Geealogies, Biographies of men who came by Wagon Train and Handcart. A copy of this book has been disassembled so that portraits text can be more coveniently copied ask at the desk for help on this. This book has been filmed, #25701
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, 4 vols. Salt Lake City, ISDUP, 1998 US/Utah/ D3dup Arranged alphabetically by married name.
Conquerors of the West: Stalwart Mormon Pioneers. 4 Vols. SUP. 1999; US/ D3y
Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and Their Mothers; J.T. Jakeman, SLC, Western Album 192?. On film 1,421,989, item 2; Indexed in Early Church Information file
Latter–day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia; 4 vols. Andrew Jensen; 1901–1936; SLC, FHC call no US/UTAH/ D3j; Indexed in Early Church Information file.
Biographical, Record of Salt Lake City & Vicinity, 1902; US/UTAH/SLC/D3NHR
History of Salt Lake City, 1886; Tullidge, US/UTAH/ SL /SLC/ H2 T
— History of Utah, 1904, O. F. Whitney, Vol 4; US/UTAH/ H2 WOF
Name index to the Library of Congress Collection of Mormon Diaries; Western Text Society Series, USU press, 1971. On film 1,059,488 item 3; See Tracing LDS Families, page 13 for directions for use.
Guide to Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies; Davis Bitton, BYU Press, Provo. Ut. 1977, FHC call no. Gen Ref. D3B, on film 1059488, item 2. Indexed in Early Church Information file.
A Collection of Biographies for Bear Lake, Franklin, and Oneida Counties, Idaho from Settlement to 1916, 2003; US/ IDAHO/ D3 R
Heart Throbs of the West, 1939-1951, 13 Vol; DUP US/UTAH/ H2 C
Our Pioneer Heritage, 1958, DUP, US/UTAH/ H2 C
Treasures of Pioneer History, 1952-1957; DUP, US/UTAH/ H2 C

Census Information:
Utah 1850 Census Index; Editors R.V. Jackson, G. R. Teeples, pub. Accelerated index Systems, Bountiful Utah, 1978. US/UTAH C23J
Index to the 1850, 1860 & 1870 Censuses of Utah / heads of housholds; Compilers, J.R. Kearl, C.L. Pope, L.T. Wimmer; Baltimore, Gen Pub Co. 1981. FHC call no. US/ Utah/ C2K
First Families of Utah; as taken from the 1850 Census of Utah; Compiled and pub. by A. W. Burns, Washington D.C. 19??; FHC call no. US/UTAH/ C33B
Soundex (Partial) Index to the 1880 Federal Census of Utah; Films 1249012–040; In Census films, Utah; see Genealogical Records of Utah, pp 51–57.
LDS Church Census 1914-15; See p 2—19-22 of Register of Genealogical Society Call Numbers Vol 2, 1982 [large red book]

Card Indexes on Film
— Early Church Information File Card Index, See Early Church Information File [publication 34544], see also Register of Genealogical Society Call Numbers Vol 2, 1982 [large red book] p. 2-13 for index to names.
Marriage License Card Index 1880's–1940s; Also known as the Misc. Marriage Records index. On film, 9 16mm reels 820,155—173. Index in Register of Genealogical Society Call Numbers Vol 2, p. 2-5 see also Gen. Records of Utah, pp 46–48.
Obituary Card Index 1839–1970; Alphabetical index of obituaries from SLC newspapers and early LDS publications. On film. Films 321,138–174. See Register of L.D.S. Church Records p 50 for index
Inscriptions found on tombstones and monuments in early Latter-day Saint burial Grounds: Nauvoo, Illinois, Mt Pisgah, Iowa; Westbank of Nibrara River, Nebraska; Winter Quarters, Nebraska. Comp. Susan Easton Black On fiche 6019028
Nauvoo Baptism for the Dead Card Index 1840–1845. Films 820152–155; see Register of L.D.S. Church Records p. 369 for index
Nauvoo Social History Index. Fiche 6334631 [set of 6, see Tracing LDS Families p. 16]
Endowment House Baptisms for the Dead Index 1855–1876; Film 183381 see see Genealogical Records of Utah, pp 59–62.
—Bishops’ Report of 1852 & index; 430074; 164614
Patriarchal Blessing Card Index, 1833-1963; Films 392631-392696; see Register of L.D.S. Church Records p. 355 for index
See more card indexes under Emigration and Immigration.

Emigration and Immigration

- Roster of Mormon Pioneer Companies 1846, film 897037.

- Chronology of LDS Church Immigration to Utah
A list of Organized Pioneer Companies Overland, gives outfitting station, departure date, Name of Captain, no. of persons and wagons, and arrival date. Film 1592792, item 6
Also in Heart Throbs of the West. Vol. 4, pp 338–342; US / UTAH / H2C
Also in Register of L.D.S. Church Records pp. 126–130. Reference shelf
Also in Deseret New 1998-99 Church Almanac. pp. 173-76

LDS Church Emigration from Europe
A List of Organized LDS emigration companies from Europe. Gives date of Sailing, Port of Sailing, Name of ship, Leader of Company, number of persons and place of landing .
Film 1592792, item 5
Also in Heart Throbs of the West. Vol. 4, pp 147–150; US / UTAH / H2C
Also in Jaussi & Chaston’s Fundamentals of Genealogincal Research; 1966, pp.131–134
Also in Deseret New 1998-99 Church Almanac. pp. 166-72

Utah Immigration Card Index, 1847-1868;
Also know as Crossing the plains Index. films 298440–298442 see Register of L.D.S. Church Records, p. 59 for index.

European Emigration Card Index, 1849–1925
Also known as Crossing the ocean Index. On film, 9 reels, 298431—439; additional info. on 1592752, item 5. See Register of L.D.S. Church Records p. 60 for index

Emigration Registers, European Mission 1849–1885, 1899–1923;
Also known as Liverpool Office Register. On film, Six 35mm reels, 25690–695.
See Register of L.D.S. Church Records p. 61 for index by year.
See The Compass, pp158–163 for index by Ships name.

Emigration Records, Scandinavian Mission (Den. Nor. Sw) 1852–1920
Danish Language, 2 films, 25696–7. see Register of L.D.S. Church Records p. 62 for index
In English by G. Davis on film 2055500, item 4, Not at Logan FHC.

Swedish Mormon Pioneers 1853-1869; films 1059483 & 1059484
Danish Government List of Scandinavian Mormon Emigrants 1872-1894; film, 040994

Emigration Records, Netherlands Mission 1904-1914; film 025698
Emigration Records, Swedish Mission, 1905-1932 on film 025700.

LDS Emigrants and Missionaries, 1974; Jensen; US/W2J in undersize books
-List B, LDS Emigrants Companies from 1869–1890
-List C, Misc. companies 1840–1869, world wide
-List D, Emigration from Scandinavia, 1852–1883 [Morning Star v3 p 372...]
-List. Missionaries From Zion to Scandinavia 1850–1881 [Morning Star v2, v3]

Names of Persons and Sureties Indebted To The Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company From 1850 to 1877 Inclusive. SLC 1877; Film 025686;
Listed chronologically by arrival date. only those who paid debt are listed.

Mormon Battalion Companies, 1846 ; film 001922
English Emigration Lists, 1868. film 086987
Day by Day With the Utah Pioneers, 1847, by Andrew Jensen, as published in Salt Lake Tribune, 1934; FHC call # US/ UTAH / H2J [in undersized books]

Handcarts to Zion by LeRoy Hafen, FHC call # US / UTAH / H2h2
Saints on the Seas, 1830-1890; 1983,Conway B. Sonne; US/ W2 S
The Compass, v1, 1983, Bangerter, US/ Reference/ W2b; pp 158–163 indexes Emigration Records, European Mission 1848-1885, 1899–1923; films 025690–025695, by ship, and date.

Year by year Lists of persons who came across the plains in Church Organized Pioneer Companies. Printed in the following Daughters of Utah Pioneers Book Series. Call numbers US / UTAH / H2C
“They Came in 47" Heart Throbs of the West. 1947; Vol. 8, pp. 401–448.
“They Came in 48" Heart Throbs of the West. 1948; Vol. 9, pp. 453–524.
“They Came in 49" Heart Throbs of the West. 1949; Vol. 10, pp. 429–472.
“They Came in 50" Heart Throbs of the West. 1950; Vol. 11, pp. 377–454.
“They Came in 51" Heart Throbs of the West. 1951; Vol. 12, pp. 405–462
“They Came in 1852" Treasures of Pioneer History, Vol. 1, pages 437-492
“They Came in 1853" Treasures of Pioneer History, Vol. 3, pages 1-52
“They Came in 1854" Treasures of Pioneer History, Vol. 4, pages 1-64
“They Came in 1855" Treasures of Pioneer History, Vol. 5. pages 1-68
“They Came in 1856" Treasures of Pioneer History, Vol. 6, pages 1-68
“They came in ‘57,” Our Pioneer, Heritage Vol. 1, pages 1–56
“They came in ‘58,” Our Pioneer, Heritage Vol. 2, pages 1–56
“They came in ‘59,” Our Pioneer, Heritage Vol. 3, pages 1–52
“Recollections of ‘1860,” Our Pioneer, Heritage Vol. 4, pages 1–52
“They came in ‘1861,” Our Pioneer, Heritage Vol. 5, pages 1–60
“They came in ‘1862,” Our Pioneer, Heritage Vol. 6, pages 1–72
“They came in ‘1863,” Our Pioneer, Heritage Vol. 7, pages 1–68
“The Year of 1864,” Our Pioneer, Heritage Vol. 8, pages 1–60
“The Year of 1865,” Our Pioneer, Heritage Vol. 9, pages 1–84
“They came in 1866,” Our Pioneer, Heritage Vol. 10, pages 1–64
“They came in 1867,” Our Pioneer, Heritage Vol. 11, pages 1–68
“The Year of 1868,” Our Pioneer, Heritage Vol. 12, pages 1–56
“Records of the Handcart Companies” Our Pioneer, Heritage V. 14, pages 257–328
“The Price of Pioneering” deaths on the Pioneer Trail, Treasures of Pioneer History Vol 4, pages 433-466, listing pages 466–484

Historical Sources

Church Chonology, a Record of Important Events, Comp. by Andrew Jensen; Deseret News Press, 1914; US/UTAH/K2J
Encyclopedic History of the Church, 1830-1930, volumes 1-4, Jensen
-Vol 1, Aalborg branch—Elsinore Ward;
-Vol 2, Elwood Ward—Malta Mission
-Vol3, Malta Miss. cont.—Saint Johns Stake of Zion;
-Vol 4, Saint Johns Ward—Zions Watchman; US/UTAH/A2J
Mormon Redress Petitions; Documents of the 1833–1838 Missouri Conflict;
C. V. Johnson, Ed.; Vol 16 of Religious Studies Center Monograph Series; Religious Studies Center, BYU; Provo, Utah; 1992
Kirtland Elders' Quorum Record 1836—1841
Edited by Lyndon W. Cook & Milton V. Backman, Jr. Grandin Book, 1985
Minutes and Biograpical Appendix, Date Index, Name and Subject Index.
History of the Church, by Joseph Smith, Seven Volumes

Far West Record, 1830-1844, Minutes ... , 1983; US/F22 FWR
Annotated record of Baptisms for the Dead, 1840–1845, Nauvoo, Hancock County , Illinois, 2002; Vols.1-7, S.D. Black; US/ Illinois/ Hancock /Nauvoo /K29 B
Nauvoo Marriages, Proxy Sealings; 1843-1846, Cook, 2004. US/ Illinois/ Hancock/ Nauvoo/ K29C
Deseret News Church Almanac, various years, US/ UTAH/ A 7 DN

Military Histories

The Mormon Battalion, 1846–47, Carter, 1956; US/ M25c
The Mormon Battalion. Widstoe, US/ M25 R
The Women of the Mormon Battalion, 1989; Larson; US/M2L In undersize books
A Data Base of the Mormon Battalion, 1987, Larson; US/ M2l
The March of the Mormon Battalion, 1928, Goulder; US/ M25G
The Mormon Battalion, The Lords Faithful, 1996; US/ M2D
The History of the Utah Volunteers in the Sapanish–American War and in the Philipine Islands, 1900; US/Utah/ M25 P
Record of Veterans with Federal Service who were buried in Utah , 1850–1966; US/Utah/ B23 USA

Church and History Periodicals

The Contributor, Published byThe Young Mens Mutual Improv. Assoc. 1879-1900; US/ UTAH / B2C
-Vol 4. Nauvoo Legion
-Vol. 11. Pioneer Sketches
-Vol. 12. Church Emigration
-Vol. 13. Utah Emigration
-Vol. 17.
Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine, 1910-1940; US/ UTAH / B2 UG
Volumes 1-31, indexed by volume & in Early Church Information File
Utah Historical Quarterly Misc. issues. US/ UTAH / B2 UHQ

County and Local Histories:
The following list does not give exact titles. The list is alphabetized by county name and then locality.
Monuments to Courage, A History of Beaver County. US/UTAH/ Beaver / H2D
History of Box Elder County; US/UTAH/ Box Elder /H2DUP
History of Bear River City, 1947; US/UTAH/ Box Elder /BEAR RIVER/ H2J
Garland 1st Ward History, 1977; US/UTAH/ Box Elder /GARLAND/K2W
History of College and Young Wards; US/UTAH/ CACHE /H2H
An Early History of Cache County, 1925; US/UTAH/CACHE / H2HM
The History of a Valley, Cache Valley, Utah, Idaho. US/UTAH/H2v
Benson Stake Relief Society History, 1901-1971; US/UTAH/CACHE / H2M
The History of a Valley, Cache Valley, Utah Idaho, 1956;US/UTAH/CACHE/H2R
History of Clarkston, 1864-1964; US/UTAH/CACHE / H2R
Hyde Park, Utah 1860-1990; US/UTAH/CACHE / HYDE PARK / H2K
Logan High School Class of 1937, 2000; US/UTAH/CACHE /LOGAN / D3B
History of Logan Second Ward, 1861-1961; US/UTAH/CACHE /LOGAN /D3B
History of Logan Central Stake and its Wards, 1998;US/UTAH/CACHE /LOGAN /
History of Mendon, 1997; US/UTAH/CACHE /MENDON / H2S
Millville Memories, 1860-1990; US/UTAH/CACHE/ MILLVILLE/ H2M/
Newton Ward Relief Society, 1991; US/UTAH/CACHE /NEWTON/K2J
Misc. Papers, History of North Logan, 1885-1959; US/UTAH/CACHE/ NL/H2N
Providence and Her People, 1974; US/UTAH/CACHE/ PROV./H2PHC
Richmond Family Histories, 2001; US/UTAH/CACHE/RICHMOND/K3S
History of Richmond Utah; US/UTAH/CACHE/RICHMOND/H2B
History of River Heights, 1988; US/UTAH/ CACHE/ RIVER HEIGHTS/ H2R
Windows of Wellsville, 1850-1984; US/UTAH/CACHE/Wellsville/ H2
The City Bountiful; US/UTAH/ DAVIS/ Bountiful/ H2F
Clearfield, 1877-1977; US/UTAH/DAVIS/CLEARFIELD / H2 CHRC
The Escalante Story, 1875-1964; US/UTAH/GARFIELD/
History of Kane County, 1970; US/UTAH/KANE / H2DUP
Builders of Early Millard, 1850-1875; 1970; US/UTAH/MILLARD / D3D
Mountains Conquered: the Story of Morgan, US/UTAH/ Morgan/Morgan/
Heart of the Children, History of Laketown, Utah,1983, FH/Weston
Biogr, Record of Salt Lake City & Vicin, 1902;1970;US/UTAH/SLC/D3NHR
Holliday–Cottonwood; Places and Faces, 1976; 1970;US/UTAH/S L / H2C
Cottonwood Early Days, 1877; 1970;US/UTAH/SLC /D2C
Salt Lake City Utah 1st Ward Historical Review; 1970;US/UTAH/SL /D3FWE
Sixteenth Ward–Riverside Stake, 1949; 1970;US/UTAH/SL /H2 LDS
History of Salt Lake City, 1886; 1970;US/UTAH/ SL /SLC/ H2 T
The Story of Salt Lake Stake, 1847-1972; 1970;US/UTAH/SALT LAKE / K2LDS
History of Ephraim Utah, 1854-1979; 1970;US/UTAH/SANPETE /
The Manti Temple; 1970; US/UTAH/SANPETE /MANTI / H2 R
Henefer, Our Mountain Home; 1960; 1970;US/UTAH/SUMMIT /HENIFER/H2 R
Early History of American Fork, 1942; 1970;US/UTAH/UTAH /A F /H2S
History of Lehi, 1913; 1970;US/UTAH/UTAH /LEHI/H2G
History of Provo, 1924; 1970;US/UTAH/UTAH / PROVO / H2T
Under Dixie Sun, A History of Washington County. US/UTAH/H2h
Beneath Ben Lomand’s Peak, A History of Weber County. US/UTAH/H2h

Utah Centennial County Histories:
The Utah State Historical Society along with each County Commission established in 1991 a Centennial History Project to write & publish county histories as a part of the Utah Centennial Commemoration.
This 29 Volume set is in a short bookcase north of the row of computers;
Call numbers: US/Utah/”county name” /H2B. The Counties are:
Beaver, Box Elder, Cache, Carbon, Daggett, Davis, Duchesne, Emery, Garfield, Grand, Iron, Juab, Kane, Millard, Morgan, Piute, Rich, Salt Lake, San Juan, Sanpete, Sevier, Summit, Tooele, Uintah, Utah, Wasatch, Washington, Wayne, Weber.

Idaho Genealogical Quarterly
Published 4 issues a year from Sept. 1958 to Oct. 1988. call no. U.S. Idaho, B2 IG
with Index to vols 1 - 11

Idaho: County and Local Histories:
The following list does not give exact titles
A Collection of Biographies for Bear Lake, Franklin, and Oneida Counties, Idaho from Settlement to 1916, 2003; US/ IDAHO/ D3 R
Progressive men of Idaho, 1904; US/ IDAHO/ D3 B
Echoes of Idaho and Other Stories, 1961, US/ IDAHO/ D3 P
Bancroft Ward, Book of Remembrance, 1947; US/ IDAHO/Bancroft/ D3 B
Memories of McCammon, US, IDAHO/Bannock/McCammon/ H2H
History of Bear lake Pioneers, 1968; US/ IDAHO/Bear Lake/ D3 dup
Treasured Tidbits of Time, Informal Hist. Bear Lake,1977; US/ IDAHO/ Bear lake/ h2h
Basalt–Firth Since 1900, 1972; US/ IDAHO/ Bingham/ Baslt-Firth/ H2S
Tosoiba. Soda Springs, 1958; US/ IDAHO/ Caribou/Soda Springs / H2DUP
Delco, My Town, My People; 1974; US/ IDAHO/ Cassia/Delco / D3D
Atalicoa Camp, Franklyn County, Idaho. V1 & V2; US/ IDAHO/ Franklin / H2S
History of Fairview, US/ IDAHO/ Franklin/ D3 dup
History of Weston Idaho, 1972; US/ IDAHO/ Franklin/ Weston / H2 F
History of Preston 5th Ward, Worm Creek, US/ IDAHO/ Franklin/ Preston/ K2 lds
Whitney Centennial, 1889-1989, 1991; US/ IDAHO/ Franklin/Whitney / H2 ww
History of Yellowstone–St. Anthony Idaho Stake 1909-1986; US/ ID/Fremont / K2A
Centennial History of Limhi County, V. 2 & 3; US/ IDAHO/ Lemhi/ H2 L
History of Leesburg Pioneers, 1934; US/ IDAHO/ LEMHI/Lesburgh / D3 K
Rexburg Idaho– 1882–1895; US/ IDAHO/ Madison/Rexburg / H2S
Early History of Malad Valley, 1960; US/ IDAHO/ Oneida/Malad Valley / H2FF
Juniper & Jackpine, 1870's–1995; US/ IDAHO/ Oneida / H2 N
The Trail Blazer, Hist. of Development of So.Eastern Idaho; US/ IDAHO/Franklin / H2dup

Wyoming Local Histories:
The following list does not give exact titles
Tell me Bout the Good Old Days, Hist of Bedford and Turnerville Wyo. US/WYO/H2M
Lovell, Our Pioneer Heritage, 1984; US/WYO/ Big Horn/ Lovell/ H2M
Star Valley & its Communities; US/WYO/ Lincoln / Star Valley/ H2dup

Published Family Histories and Genealogies
See the extensive collection on Book Shelves 9B,10A and 10B

Microfilms on File
LDS Ward Records.— See pages135-339 of Register of L.D.S. Church Records,1968 Jaussi & Chaston; Reference Table; films located here at the Logan center are underlined in Red.

Films of Cemetery Records
Alphabetical list by cem. name fiche 6018248
Cemetery records of Utah Vols I and II, 874340
Bingham, Bingham Canyon, SL co. —363883
Bountiful, Davis co. Sexton’s Rec. Early to 1966 — 478381-83
Box Elder co. Cem records. — 599288
Clarkston, Cache co. Cem Records. 176054
Clearfield, Davis co. Cem recs. 1942-67 — 486182
Center creek, Chaleston, Midway and Wallsburg, Wasatch co. — 896934
Clinton, Weber co. Cem records & plot ownership 1906-1944 — 486183
Clinton, Weber co. cem rec. — 599288
Coalville, Summit co. cem. — 850122
Corinne, Box Elder co. cem. — 599288
Croydon, Morgan co. cem. — 599288
Dewey ville, Box Elder co. cem. — 599288
East Garland, Box Elder co. cem. — 599288
Eden , Weber co. Cem 1963-1965 486183
Eden South, Weber co. cem — 599288, Eden Noth East cem. — 599288
Enterprise, Summit co. cem. — 599288
Ephraim, San Pete co. Pioneer Cem. — 873918
Farmington, Davis, cem. 1851-1927; — 896934
Garden City, Rich co. Cem — 599288
Garland, Box Elder co. cem. — 599288
Grantsville, Tooele co. —241997
Gunnison, Sanpete co. 1889-1956; — 889380
Hooper, Weber co. Cem 1931-1966 — 486183
Huntsville, Weber co. Cem. to 1967. — 486184
Holladay, Salt Lake co. City Cem recs. 1860-1969; — 962214.
Idaho Falls, Bonneville co. Id. cem — 850122
Kanab, Kane co. cem; — 873918
Liberty, Weber co. Cem to 1966 — 486184
Loa, Wayne co. — 391096
Logan, Cache co. 1862–1958; — 178184 & 245536
Magna, Salt Lake co. 1953; — 873918
Manti, Sanpete co. 1849-1966 — 475589 & 475590
Mendon, cache co. 1860–1958 — 178185 & 245535
Midway, Wasatch co. cem — 896934
Morgan, Morgan co. 1950-67, 486179
Mountain view cem , Mountainview plot of Aultorest Mem cem Ogden, 1911-1967 — 486179
Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete co. 1878-1945 — 484813
Murray, Salt Lake County, — 002113
Murray, Salt Lake co. cem formerly called South Cottonwood — 873918
Ogden, Weber co. Aultorest cem . 1962-67 — 486182
Ogden, Weber co. Mem. Gardens of Wasatch cem 1955-67 — 486184
Ogden, Weber co.. Washington Heights Mem. Cem 1947-1961— 485803-04
Ogden City cem rec. 1851-1919, — 486186; 1919-1933, — 486187, 1934–1960, — 486188
North Ogden, Ben Lomand cem. 1874-1967 486182
Park City, Summit co. city cem and Glenwood cem. Inscriptions. — 850122
Park City, Summit co. cem rec. — 850122
Plain City, Weber co. Cem 1863-1966. — 486184; also in — 599291
Pleasant Grove, Utah co. cem. 1850-1931 —824234, 1850-1958, — 824269
Portterville, Morgan co. cem. 1861-1958 — 486179
Providence, Cache co, cem 1872-1953, 516137
Provo, Utah co. cem early to 1954 & Sexton Rec. 1848-1929; — 824269
Richville, Morgan co. cem rec. 1861-1956 —486179, also in — 599291
Round valley, Rich co. cem. — 599291
Roy, Weber co. cem rec. to 1966. — 486185; also in — 599291
Salt Creek, Box Elder co. German Cemetery — 599291
Salem, Utah co. Cem 33 items on film.— 1206498
SLC, City cemetery, Sexton’s Records; 1847-1950 — 026878– 81, 026891
SLC, Mt Olivet and Masonic Cem records — 002118
SLC, Salt Lake co. 1848-1866, — 2115578
SLC, Sandy, 027300
SLC, Wasatch Lawn Cem. — 002119
Smithfield City Cem.. Fiche 6046592
Snowville, Box Elder co. cem — 599291
Blackpine, Oneida co. Id, cem — 599291
Spanish Fork, Utah Co. Cem records A thru G —231907; J–S — 231908
Spanish Fork, Utah co. cem rec — 850122 & in — 873918
Springville, Utah Co. cem records — 176659
St.George Washington co. cem. rec. 1861-1935 4 fiche 6048737
Syracuse, Davis co. to 1967, —486189
Taylor Cem. Weber co. 1863-1955 —446494
Taylorsville, Salt Lake co cem — 873918
Tremonton, Box Elder co. cem. — 599291
Uintah, Weber co. cem & South weber Mem cem — 599291
Wanship, Summit co. cem — 599291
Warren and West Warren, Weber co. cem — 599291
West Point, Davis co. cem. — 599291

Microfilms on File continued
Veterans with Federal Service who were buried in Utah
; Index.--- 485245
buried in Beaver, Box Elder counties ---485245
buried in Dagget, Davis, Duchesne, Emery, Garfield co. — 485498
buried in Iron, Juab, Kane, Millard, Morgan, Piute, Rich. — 485490
b. in Salt Lake Co. —485491–96; San Juan also in 485496
b. in Sanpete co. 485497; Sevier, Summit, 485498; Toole, Uintah, 485499
bur. in Utah co. 485500-502; Wasatch, Washington, Wayne 485503
bur in Weber co. 485504-05.

Census records on Film, See Census Film Drawers.

L.D.S. Church Historical Records on Film

—Patriarchal Blessings; — 392631 – 392696 For Index, see p 355 Register of L.D.S. Church Records,1968 Jaussi & Chaston; Reference Table
—Records of Early Members of the Church who died in Missouri, Kirtland, Nauvoo and on the Plains; taken from early publications — 413034
[From: The Evening & Morning Star, The Messenger and Advocate, The Elder’s Journal, Times and Seasons, The Wasp, The Frontier Guardian, the Mormon, The Western Standard, and Deseret New down to 1868}
—Names of Persons and Sureties Indebted To The Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company From 1850 to 1877 Inclusive. SLC 1877; Film 025686; Listed chronologically by arrival date. only those who paid debt are listed.
Family Group Records Collection: Patrons Section, 1962-1979 3 Gen
428056 – 128243 & 439378 – 439388; For Index, See pages 27-41 Register of L.D.S. Church Records,1968 Jaussi & Chaston; Reference Table

Probate Records Cache County, 1860-86 — 430990; 1886-91 — 430991; 1860-80 —430990

Temple Records

Logan Temple
Endowments for the dead, Book A, 1913-1915, 177972
Salt Lake Temple
Endowments for the dead, 1974; — 935248; Baptisms for the dead. 1893-1943; heir indexes. 1893-1960 —0183484; 214 Microfilm reels
St. George Temple
Sealings for the Dead. 1946-47; — 962017
Endowment House
Index Baptisms for the Dead; 1857-1876 — 183381
Endowment Book E 1864-1866, Book F 1866-1868 — 183405
Book G 1868-1872, — 183406;
Book H 1872-1878 — 183407;
Book I 1878-1884 — 183408.
Endowment House Living Endowments, 1851-1884, 183403-183409. Indexed in Register of LDS Records, p. 395
Nauvoo Living Endowments, 1845-46, — 962798; 3 fiche 6051326

Microfilms on File continued
Town Histories
Nephi Utah, History — 1059488
Oak City, Millard co. History 7 fiche 6103922
Ogden Canyon, Huntsville, Liberty and Eden History — 1059488
Payson, Utah co. Record of Families, historical incidents. — 025544
Providence and her People, 1857-1974; — 1059488
Sugarhouse, Salt Lake co. Sugarhouse history. — 908922
Mormons in Texas, the Lyman Wight Colony. 3 fiche 6100014

Vital Records
Cache County, Births & Deaths.. 1898-1905 — 431094 & — 1036742
Cache County, Mid-wives reg of births, 189-1904; — 1036742
index to records on Gs reel 431094

Cache County, Marriage records,
Index, 1887-1915 — 430301
Index, 1888-1930 — 430302
Index, 1928-1965 — 430303
Index, 1962-1966 — 430304
Record Books 1-27 — 430306 . . . 430317
The marriage records include the recording of license and marriage.
Marriage Applications films. 1911-1964. -430318 . . . 430336
The Applications include consent informatin from parents and Guardians.

Cache County, Naturalization Rec. 431087, 431088, 431090- 431093
Oneida co. Idaho. Naturalization Citizenship, & Probate — 1450644-45

Salt Lake County, marriages;
7 Items Books A-J 1886-1900; — 429035
1900-1904, 429036;
Marriage Certificates,
1893-1894 — 429053
1888-1890 — 429054;
1890-1893 — 429055;
1893-1897 — 429056
1897-1900 429057;
1900-1902 —429058;
1902-04 --- 429059

Salt Lake co. Deaths 1897-1905; Coroners record 1858-1881; Pauper records, 1890-92 & 1897 — 485535

Microfilms on file continued
DAR Records
St. Pauls Episcopal ch. records 1879-1899, — 850122
Utah Misc. records 1800-1950; — 850122
Utah Misc. fam rec. Bible Records & wills — 850122

Guide to Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies , Davis Bitton; — 1059488
Name index to Library of Congress collection of Mormon diaries — 1059488
Periodicals Indexed in American Genealogical-Biographical Inex. fiche 6088377

For a more detailed and comprehensive description of what is on any film or fiche, go, on your computer, to the Family History Library Catalog and enter the film or fiche number into the “film or fiche Search” Window. The printable version gives very good detail of the film’s contents.

Pioneer Ancestors — Computer and Online Resources
It may be that some of the Websites listed below are no longer current.

Mormon Pioneer NHT [National Historic Trails} Study ; Stanly B. Kimball
Mormon Pioneer Trail: —
Mormon History Association —
ArchiveGrid — Mormon trail collection
Daughters of Utah Pioneers —
British LDS History —
Family Preserves, a Fam. Hist. Wblog & Gen. website

The Utah Genealogical associton has a web site that has links to many other web sites that have considerable historical and genealogical information

Utah Genealogical Association —
‘Utah Marriages’ — Mrriages performed by Elias Smith 1851-1884
click on ‘Utah Links” to go to 30 other websites related to Utah History and Genealogy.
The first link, Western pioneer Databases has links to 26 databases and resources.
Early Latter-day Saints: A Mormon Trail Pioneer Database
Covers Mormons from 1846 to 1868 as they came across the plains before the railroad reached Utah. Also includes a great deal of information about Mormons in the Nauvoo era.
UT - Mormon Pioneer Search
Lists Mormon pioneers found in various sources with the source information.
UT - Mormon Pioneer Companies
Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847–1868 170
UT - Trails of Hope: Overland Diaries & Letters, 1846-1869
Original writings of 49 voyagers on the Mormon, California, Oregon, and Montana trails. Has images of diaries, biographies, photographs, maps, and trail guides.
UT - Ship Brooklyn Association
Lists the passengers and sometimes links to additional biographical information.
UT - Sons of the Utah Pioneers
Two lists — Pioneers before May 10, 1869 and Pioneers after May 10, 1869.
UT - Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
DUP has a museum and library with a great deal of information about Utah pioneers, though most is in paper format.
Emigrant Lists
Emigrants, Trail Blazers and Personalities 143 Migration Databases for States
Links to state websites with information about migrations.
Oregon California Trails Association - Utah Chapter
Has links to other sites concerning various Western trails, including the Mormon Trail, Santa Fe Trail, and Oregon Trail.
CO - Pike's Peak, Colorado Pioneers, 1858-1859
Click on a letter of the alphabet to see a listing of pioneers often with biographical information.
MO - St. Joseph Museum Pioneer List
Gives name, origin, year, and interesting facts.
NV - Migrations
Searchable by surname. Gives biographical and migration information for ancestors of people connected to Nevada. Many ancestors never went to Nevada.
MO - Missouri Pioneers - People who settled in the state of Missouri by 1890.
OR - Early Oregon Pioneers
Some residents of the Oregon Territory or Oregon before October 31, 1872
OR - Pioneers of the Oregon Territory to 1855
Pioneers of the Oregon Territory up to and including 1855. Has lists and short biographies.
CA - Early California Population Project
A name searchable database of 110,000 Californians between 1769 and 1850.
CA - Native Daughters of the Golden West Pioneer Project — California Pioneers who resided or were born in California before December 31, 1869.
CA - California Pioneer Project
Lists people who came or were born in California before 1880.
CA - California Pioneer Register and Index, 1542-1848
Has a list of pioneers and biograpahical information on some.
CA - California Bound — Ship and wagon train lists, of people bound for California, 1848-1873, including newspaper articles.
CA - Maritime Heritage Project — Can search for over 30,000 passengers, captains, and ships that were on the west coast of the US from the mid-1800s to about 1900. To search, click the Search button on the left side of the Home Page.
TX - The Texans Database
Gives information about people in Texas by 1845, such as when they came to Texas, where they came from, etc. Based on official government sources.
Alaska Migrations
Has a database of people who migrated to Alaska with information on where they were born, where they lived, etc.
Yukon Genealogy Links
Links to many sites with information about people involved in the gold rush in Alaska and the Yukon.
Yukon Genealogy Pan for Gold Database
Dawson City Museum Pan for Gold Database. You can search by name to see a list of information about people from mining applications, death records, 1901 Canadian census, etc. The sources are given.
Yukon Archives Genealogy Database
You can search by name. This database focuses on 1930-1950. Sources include directories, regimental histories, etc.

All of the above information is copied from the Western Pioneer Data Base site.

Utah Genealogical Association continued
Regional Resources --- Web Links
Mountain West Digital Library
Links to digital collections at various university, state, public, and museum libraries in Utah and Nevada
Utah Digital Newspapers
Free. Searchable by name, newspaper, date, or etc. Includes many newspapers around the state.
Regional Search Tools listed by BYU
Links to helpful sites for Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah.
Salt Lake Genealogy Update Newsletter
Includes information about what is new at the Family History Library, places to stay near the library, and other information about the Salt Lake area.
Utah History
Utah History and Geography
Links to many other sites on Utah history and geography.
Utah History to Go
Short biographies, histories, etc. of people and places in Utah. Also articles on migration.
Utah State History
The site of the Division of State History and the Utah State Historical Society.
Mining Heritage Alliance
History, maps, etc. about mines in Utah.
Utah Records
Utah State Deaths, 1905-1954
Free online index linked to images of state death certificates of over 250,000 deaths.
Western States Historical Marriage Record Index
Marriage information for marriages in Utah, Idaho, and other western states. Searchable by name
Utah Cemetery Burials Database
Searchable by name. Gives name, birth/death dates, and burial place.
Utah Genealogy Records
List of links to sites with information on Utah births, marriages, deaths, cemeteries, and other records
Utah State Archives Database Index
Mostly indexes criminal records, also indexes some birth, naturaliz., and military records.
Kindred Trails - Utah
Lists links to many sites with database of Utah information, including birth, death, marriage, cemetery, military, immigration, etc.
Country records -- each county is listed separately.
Linkpendium Utah Genealogy and Family History
Linkpendium lists many other websites of interest to genealogists researching Utah ancestors. Includes sites for vital records, immigration, history, county information, etc.
Nine Other sites are listed
Utah Genealogical Association continued
Mormons and Their Neighbors
Indexes over 100,000 biographical sketches appearing in 185 published volumes. Include people living between 1820 and 1981 in northern Mexico, New Mexico, Arizona, southern California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and southwestern Canada.
Mormon Migration Diaries & Maps
University of Utah digital collection of "diaries, maps and trails of Mormon pioneers and their westward migration in the 1850s."
Mormon Battalion Roster
A researched list of the men of the Mormon Battalion with the women and children who accompanied them. Also has many pictures and biographies.
Church Chronology
Includes historical events and obituaries. Original search on Home Page is by year, but once in, you can search by name, etc.
Mormon Pioneer Trains and Handcart Companies
Gives tips for tracing Mormon pioneers from 1847-1868.
Mormon Studies BYU Library's Guide to Digital Resources
Includes biographies, diaries, histories, and much more.
Biographical Registers
Mostly biographies of early LDS.
Journals of Early Mormons
Links to transcriptions of journals, diaries, etc. of several early Mormons.
Guide to Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies
Lists and describes diaries and autobiographies mostly of early LDS and shows where they are located
Missouri Mormon Frontier Foundation
Has information about 'the "Mormon" experience in Missouri during the 1830s.'
There are 10 additional links which pertain to special groups who settled in Utah
British Isles Links
National Archives of the United Kingdom
Includes the digitized version of the Doomsday Book, other records, guides on doing British family research, and more.
GENUKI: UK & Ireland Genealogy
One of the best genealogy Internet sites for information on England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.
Genealogical databases
Birth and Marriage Records Online (U.S.)
Links to online birth and marriage databases for each state.
Death Records Online (U.S.)
Links to online death databases for each state.
Mountain West Digital Collections
The Mountain West Digital Library is a consortium of digital collections from universities, colleges, public libraries, museums, and historical societies in Utah. Included are diaries, family histories, maps, pictures, etc.